Character Flaws Are Memorable

Whether you’re a writer or a reader, we can all say that most characters go through a tranformation. If the story is well told, it may connect to us on an emotional level. It may be a tattoo, limp, or facial disfigurement but whatever the case, the imperfection seems to bring the character to life in the mind of a reader. Well …  at least to this reader.

I recall the disfigurement of Asher in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, or the scar of Zsadist as one of the Black Dagger Brotherhood members in the J. R. Ward BDB books, or the deadly tattoo on the arm of Lore in Larissa Ione’s Ectasy Unveiled. Flaws however are not the only thing you can use to paint your characters as memorable. In Ectasy Unveiled, the hero referred to the heroine as angel or cookie. I mean she was an Angel, but not after…hey, no spoilers, go read the story for yourself. Anyway, I just thought it was super sweet (pun not intended).

In Jacquelyn Frank’s, the Nightwalkers series, she used sensory elements of taste to affect the readers perception of the characters. The last book, correction book 5 because book 6 is coming out soon (yeahhhh [excited handclap]), Noah’s mate smelled like cotton candy. In Shiloh Walker’s, the Hunters series, in Hunters Need she used touch as a sensory element when Duke (hero) would nuzzle and purr against Ana (heroine).

I don’t know that you need all the sensory elements in a story but if you can weave it into a story with the emotions that they evoke behind them, it is sure to make for characters that will stay with a reader long after they’ve closed the cover of the book.

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