What Is The Value Of Online Chatting?

Ahhh, the convenience that technology has provided… Chatting online is certainly a step up from those notes we used to pass around in class with you like me  or not with check boxes written in crayon. Have you ever noticed that sometimes things are better said in writing or that you say more in written form that you may say verbally? So let’s talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages in terms of dating and weeding out prospects.


  • Instantaneous – no waiting for email
  • Decisions can be made quickly about whether to continue communication or not
  • Motivations become clear relatively quickly (casual or long term)
  • Used in tandem with a webcam , pictures can be verified
  • Establish a repoir and possibly an emotional connection with constant communication over a period of time


  • If you’re visible online, too many people start talking at once
  • Juggling multiple conversations is worse than being on a party line
  • Forgetting to make yourself invisible and having to be polite when you wanted to avoid someone
  • Making someone a friend only to realize that you shouldn’t have
  • Can sometimes hinder the “taking it slow” part

The characters in my recent release, Better Than 8 Fantasy, experience an emotional connection over a long term chat/email duration but it works out for them in the end. What have been your experiences in online or “virtual” chatting? I want to hear about the good, bad and the spicy! 🙂

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