Dating? … Harder Than It Looks

I remember when I was single and I wanted to be in a relationship. Now I’m in a relationship and I miss the days when I was single. Those were the good old days when I cooked or didn’t cook, only turned on lights in the room I was in and was content to be in a quiet room with no other sound to keep me company other than the typing of a keyboard.

Today, that man of mine tries to light the neighborhood … or space…just depending on his mood and … AND, one form of stimulation is not enough. Oh no, we have to have stereo, TV, and video all playing at the same time. Drives me batty. Don’t get me wrong, its got it’s perks and rewards and all. At least I’ve put B.O.B. on hiatus for a while ’cause he was really getting tired of me running down his battery. It’s just hard to remember that this is the man you asked God for, the same one that walks out in the backyard in his underwear like he’s literally wearing shorts. Or better yet, when he proclaims his vocal ability is greater than yours and it sounds like he’s crying instead of singing. These are the times that I wish I had the power of a witch like Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched or why not “Charmed” with the power of three. I could be like Piper and just freeze him! That’s a good one (giggle)! :p

I guess for now I’ll just squeeze my eyes shut, pray real hard, and ask for “The Powers That Be” to give him laryngitis. Maybe that will work.

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  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes
    Sep 29, 2011 @ 07:49:00

    I totally relate to what you’re saying. I’m single now, but it really alters things when you’re with someone. It’s good… but not… but yes it is.


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