Does Your Boyfriend Ever Test The Limits?

Comedians joke all the time about testing just how far you can go with your woman and sometimes, I think guys are actually paying attention thinking, “I should try that.” We usually head them off at the pass right ladies? We tell ’em, “Don’t get no ideas!.” For those men that like a peaceful home, they hear that warning loud and clear but for others, they take it as a personal challenge. Like mine for instance…

This weekend, my dear ‘ole significant other, went to work on Saturday just like any Saturday and things were LOVE-LY! The man was outta my hair, my son was with friends for the day, and I had the apartment to myself. Oh, it was beautiful I tell ya! BEAU-TI-FUL! All good things must come to an end so my kid came back home and dear ‘ole dufus came home too …. for a hot 10 mintues.  He explained that he and “his boy” were going to a casino and he didn’t know when he would be back.

Ok, granted. Odds are you’ll be back late. How late is late? What say you ladies? 4am…5am? Ok, I’m not extremely happy about 5am but ok. No, not him….he got home at 8:55pm Sunday night and no…he never called once! Not once. His excuse was that his cellphone died….like no other person he was with had a phone. Then there was, I don’t know your number by heart.

Words cannot express the tide of anger that I barely held in checkor the lava of expletives that I wanted to spew forth. Instead I settled for a good old fashioned screaming session!

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