Can You Really Find A Match In Cyberspace?

Cyber space … the final frontier … these are the trials of … being single.  Ha ha. I crack myself up. Yes, yes, I am a Trekkie. I never said I wasn’t a nerd. In fact I embrace my inner geek for it makes me quirky, a bit lame, but definitely funny.

Since the online dating revolution (um yeah, just go with it ya’ll) began, people have written/disputed, debated/supported, debunked/countered whether or not online dating works. My soapbox remains wonderfully absent on the matter however I will say online dating offers a variety of selection. I like exploring the possibilities of that question in fictional scenarios. No matter your preference or fetish, there is something out there to be found for nearly everyone.

If you can admit your vanity, perhaps the “beautiful people” are the contenders you’d consider. No? Perhaps you’re the Kenny Rogers “gambler” type then. A bit too much? I know a site where you can find your perfect match. It’s all science … remind you of Gattaca anyone? You get the idea right? You can be as selective as your dare and as quirky as you like. It’s all up to you. Can you really find a match out there in cyberspace? Well sure…perhaps…ok, maybe, oh who knows but you could always try it and find out for yourself.  Live/love and prosper!

Do you think it’s possible to find a match online?