Recognize Your Blocks

When I became serious about writing and publishing, I read all kinds of articles, blogs, forum posts, etc. There was one post that spoke to me. The article said to be aware of your blocks.

I don’t know about you but I have a lot of well intentioned, well meaning friends. They honestly want the best for you and they hasten you to be cautious. Depending on the type of writing you’re going to write, they may deem it to be too risky or require too much research and expertise. If you have decided to take on the challenge of writing, hopefully you have already acknowledged that those are valid points and you’ve come to a decision about it. Either it’s worth the risk, time, effort, pressure, etc….or its not. It’s pretty simple.

Ok. So now, you’ve decided you’re all in. You’re committed. You are staying the course. You know the story. You’ve got a full outline, you know how it goes in your head…hell, you might even have it partially or fully written out. Then you come to this point that you can’t get past. You can’t finish the story. You can’t start the story. You my friend, have a block.

I love her to bits and pieces…much more than I ever tell her but my block…is my mom. I don’t know if she knows it but she’s my sounding board. If she’s not feeling it or doesn’t give me encouragement, it feeds into that kernel of self doubt and that joint becomes a boulder. That boulder becomes and impasse for me. If I had advice to give I would say this. If you’re a writer you either live in your head or you paper your thoughts. You may carry around a journal, notebook, notepad but you may write everything down. Me…I live in my head. This is something I had to reason out for myself and I had to play devils advocate. I had to play worst case scenario with myself which again brought me right back to whether I wanted to pursue it or not.

Dear old mom is in full support of my first project out the gate, Better Than 8 Fantasy, offered on sale at the end of the month. However, she isn’t on board with some of the paranormal stories that I have in progress. I respect that but I believe in myself or at least I’m willing to gamble on myself. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect anybody else to. Become your own fan and leave the blocks where they’re supposed to be…in the playbox.

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