A Story Is Born

I was a Samhain Publishing consumer. I loved the authors they represented although I felt like sometimes the stories were short. As if they had been cut off to stay within a certain word count. Anyway, I had wanted to write my own story and I had some WIPs (work in progress) stories but they were incomplete. I had a few others that had complete outlines but lacked details…you know the story? I was still trying to figure out angles and define the characters.

You’ve read how I started telling funny stories to friends and they enjoyed them and were anxious to read about the next ridiculous, sad but true story. So…at least my friends thought I could write.

So anyway, I was just looking around the site. It had recently been revamped and updated. I saw a link for contests. The theme and the challenge was to write a story of an online romance. There had to be an email or some form of online communication present in the story. Sometimes stories just write themselves…and this was one of them. I was dating, registered to dating websites, checking out profiles, trading emails and chats back and forth and I thought, “Dude, this is me!”

Right then and there…a story was born. That wasn’t it. You know, I still had to make it interesting but it was the prompt that gave me the confidence to pursue my writing. I was nervous. Could I make the story interesting? If someone else wrote the story, would I buy it? As fanatical as I am as a fan, would I recommend the story to a friend? All the answers were yes for me.

If you’ve got an idea for a story, ask yourself the same questions. Would that cover, blurb, opening line, those characters…would that book convince you to pick it up? Would it convince you to continue reading? If you come back with a yes, and honest yes, then I say go for it.

You can’t fail if you don’t try.

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