Who Would You Invite To Dinner?

Goodreads pacifies the geek in me. I think its great. I get to hang out and talk to other readers about the books we enjoy, books we recommend to one another, support of one another and all. I found a like minded friend today and for any new person that was interested in being friends with her, she asked this very simple question, “Who would you invite to dinner?”

You know…so simple right? So I was still stuck in geek/nerd mode and I’m thinking, “Oohh, what if I could invite JR herself (J.R. Ward) to have a sit down at my table.” Psst….well you know the first thing I wouldn’t do is bake anything for her. Only the best store bought desserts for the warden. Those doggen would most certainly boot me right out of the way. So then I thought, “Oh, I know. What if I invited Shiloh and the Hunters over for dinner.” Yeah scratch that. I mean I like reading about them and all and they’re hot as sin but for some of them, I’d be dinner. So, no (wagging my finger back and forth) eating the host.

Then…voila….I had it. I’d invite the most controversial, sure to keep dinner interesting and lively. I’d invite the master himself. Mr. Gordon Ramsey you are welcome to my table any time and since its customary to bring something with you, I’ll be counting on you for dessert.

Who would you invite to dinner?

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  1. T.F.Walsh
    May 19, 2011 @ 02:50:25

    What an awesome question… hmmm I’m a huge fan of the movie Hellboy – The Golden Army (#2), and in complete love with one of the characters – Prince Nuada (played by Luke Goss) – he is an elven prince trying to defeat Hellboy… Oh I would have him over for dinner in a heartbeat.. in character of course… I know, I’m a bit crazy here…hehe


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