Silence Is Golden

I’ve often read about how other authors like to write to music. I confess that I’ve even adopted bands/songs as favorites based on the recommendations of other authors. I however, can’t get into it when I’m writing.

My poor family, seriously. I need silence. It doesn’t matter the music, type of music, and even television show…its all distraction. I’ve tried to mute the tv and just have a program running in the background. I’m still distracted by it. For that very reason is how a mention the movie, The Matrix wound up in my latest book. I kick everybody out of the room, turn off everything and let the keyboard become my rhythm.

Family members have told me that it’s not normal. I just smile at that. I think it may be a consequence of living in my head. In my head, there are conversations to be had, conversations to be played back an analyzed, strategy to be plotted, schedules to be kept…there is more than enough noise going on that I don’t need anything extra added to the mix.

I don’t know about you but for me, silence is golden! How do you write? Do you need some kind of outside stimulus or noise?

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  1. Patricia Royal
    May 18, 2011 @ 16:39:11

    I can write with the TV on but it depends on the program. Anime, no way. TV shows like cop dramas I can have on and get writing done. Music is usually a no-no unless there is a song that is inspiring a scene then I have to play it on repeat until the scene is done.


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