Self Publishing Is A Test

Self publishing is a test of endurance and perseverance.

After I decided what I was going to write I started reading up on what to do. Appeal letters, queries, how to write an appeal letter, capture their interest from the start, don’t be boring, do something that sets you apart, and why should they pay attention to you. I was already doubting myself…yet I kept writing. I had decided that even if I got a rejection letters that I believed in the story enough to publish it myself. Silly me…I expected the costs to be nominal. Well it wasn’t nominal but it was worth the investment.

So then I talked to an author that had done some self publishing of her own. She was willing to take me on as a client and I no longer felt adrift in an ocean by myself. I had someone to help guide me. She hit me up with a list of stuff that I had to do and/or get. I looked at this list and whispered, “Holy s***!”

  • Get a website (check)
  • Blog (guess where you are)
  • Facebook business page (check)
  • Facebook personal page (check)
  • Twitter account (check)
  • Get a cover (check)
  • Write a bio (check)
  • Write a blurb (check)
  • Figure out keywords they will help an audience find your material (what would you look for)
  • Develop an eight second pitch (check out your author workshops from a chapter association)
  • Take classes/learn the craft (yeah, you still have to go to school, even if its at home)
  • Advertise while you’re writing (check and double check)
  • Start making appeals and start networking (I am on that)
  • Be sociable, don’t be wooden (still working on that)
  • Join groups, reciprocate (ditto)
  • Create Kindle accounts, PubIt, Smashwords, Amazon (check)
  • Find like authors and find out what they are doing (in progress)
  • Reach out to other authors…we all support each other (yep)
  • And if you have extra time, create a book trailer (you’re kidding about the extra time right?)

So that’s it people, or at least that has been my journey thus far. I have to say it’s a great sense of accomplishment. I will also caution that if you go into an endeavor like this with the intention of making a lot of money or duplicating the success of the likes of the Amanda Hocking’s out there, you will likely fail. Do this because you love it. Do this because you believe in the story you wrote. Do it because you believe in the voice you have as a writer. Don’t do it solely to make a buck. You may find with intentions such as those, that’s all you make, is just a few bucks.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. J.A. Beard
    May 18, 2011 @ 20:12:18

    One thing I’ve found in getting involved in ‘social networking’ is that the ‘social’ aspect really is a lot more fun than I thought. I’m meeting a lot of wonderful, creative people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.


  2. Beth Barany
    May 19, 2011 @ 03:45:20

    Welcome to the wild ride of self-publishing! We do this out of love and a desire to get our message out to the world and entertain our readers in the process. Enjoy!


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