Riddle Me This…What’s Your Online Persona?

Do you ever wish you could be more like someone else? Maybe you could be less serious, or more upbeat. Maybe you could be inspirational or encouraging, moreso than your usual pessimistic, glass half full, rose colored glasses not required or wanted self. Well, that’s what I was thinking anyway.

I thought I’d try to be carefree online. I thought I would try my hand at being witty and funny, more or less sarcastic, you know….take a break from being me. I’ll tell you a secret. Ssshh….(whispers) “Come closer”. Did you know, (looking over each shoulder), that I follow myself around all day? Totally ignoring the silly parrot in the corner saying, “Yep she’s a goner. Totally coo coo!” Seriously! (Throws my hands up in the air in exasperation). I can’t get away from me.

I can no more not be myself that I can be more of a person I’m not. Did I say that right? You understand don’t you? Hmmm….I’ll try again. I have moments. I may have little glimpses of brilliance just the same as I may have fleeting moments of a happy go lucky personality. But you know what, it all makes up me. Just makes for a complicated, multi dimensional, colorful, never fits comfortably in one box, kinda person. And you know what….that’s quite alright.

I wouldn’t take me any other way. I think this is all apart of knowing thyself (as my character Stacy would say in my upcoming book, Better Than 8 Fantasy) or getting to know your own self and….accepting whomever you are. I remember in high school that I didn’t have the money to buy designer kicks or gear but that was ok. Some of the other kids in the popular clicks weren’t that well off either but you know what they did have. Personality. I know, you hear the remnants of that song playing in your head too don’tcha?

I didn’t have a dynamic personality. I didn’t make friends easily. I was shy, introverted and preferred to blend in the background. More like melt if I could but I digress. You know, I still know some of those same people I knew as a kid. They still have great personalities. They can make you laugh til your sides hurt but few of them, if any can say, “I’m a Writer.”

Well what do ya know? Looks like I’m pretty cool after all. Were you an introvert or extrovert? How did you overcome your shyness or how did you tone it down? Was it even needed?

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  1. T.F.Walsh
    May 18, 2011 @ 03:39:31

    Very good topic… and something that I think most writers have to deal with at one stage or another… to be honest I’m an introvert and struggle to come out online. Even when writing blogs, I find myself hiding behind ‘telling’ and I usually re-do it to chill it out a bit. I just haven’t worked out how to completely shove the shy monkey off my shoulder and just let the real, laid back me come out. Give me time… hehe


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