Color Me Tickled Purple, Not Pink

I’m done ya’ll. That’s right, I’m a southern chick and this southern belle has completed her first book, “Better Than 8: Fantasy”. My very first one ya’ll. Its the first book of eight. Better Than 8, which represents a website and the first of 8 books… you get it? I thought that was quite clever. (Giggle)

I had respect for authors before but now I feel their pain. Now that it’s done I keep telling myself to just breathe. The book is in final edit with my editor, Beth Barany. I’ve been getting to know people, making friends, and requesting reviews. I have to say I’m anxious to see what you guys/gals think. Even if I get bad reviews its not that bad because its a learning experience, right?

Have you ever said to yourself not to take it personal and on the inside, you’re taking it personal? That’s like sticking your hand over an open flame until it turns all black and crispy while you say to yourself that it doesn’t hurt one bit. I mean really people! But honestly, I welcome your feedback. I honestly think you’re going to love it. At least, I hope.

So tomorrow, I’ll be hanging out for a little Q&A at,  Stop by, check me out if you’re “in the neighborhood”. For any fellow authors or bloggers that would like to interview me or have me do a guest post for your site, sign up at

Oh and I’m just not a pink kinda gal. I got too much spunk for pink, purple fits me much better!

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