So What If You’re Just Not Attracted To Him?

Nice guys finish last…at least that’s the old addage. You hear that complaint from men all the time. Women never give the nice guy a chance. You know ladies….their right.

Nice guy stats:

  • Attractive (we might say he’s ok)
  • Good job
  • Respectful
  • Ambition
  • Has like minded goals

So what’s wrong with him? Why can’t we get past the, “He’s just a good friend part?” Guys, women look at this differently than men. First things first:

  1. You like who you like
  2. In addition to the wonderful attributes listed above, you need a little chemistry
  3. If it ain’t there, why fake it?
  4. Why can’t men and women just be friends? What’s wrong with that?

What are your thoughts on the issue?


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