So How Do You Come Up With The Names?

You know…what works for some doesn’t work for another and vice versa. I have read many a book and thought, wow, that is a fantastic name. Its so different. I wonder is there any meaning behind the name. Seriously, I read books dude. I’m a nerd!

I’m that person that looks at a movie and I want to watch the behind the scenes interview. What did they think of the script? Did the actor do their own stunts? Did they want to do it? What did the director say to the composer for them to come up with music that was emotionally evocative? I’m telling you… I’m a nerd. I know.

Well the same thing happens for me when I read a story and the author has come up with a common name or uncommon spelling. The names become part of the character too such as in J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I love the way she takes common names like Revenge and changes it to Rehvenge. So simple but so different. That one thing, in addition to a great emotionally evisceral story help to keep these characters alive and kicking in my head.

Case in point, in my story, Better Than 8: Fantasy, the main character is Amara Simmons. Amara is not a name that is very commonplace these days. When I was looking for a name for the character, I searched baby names, I searched for names of goddesses, and ethereal creatures. I just wanted a name that spoke to me. Amara means Eternally Beautiful. I chose the name of my characters before I started the story and the meaning of her name was one I kept in mind while writing the story. It colored how I wanted her to be perceived and added another layer to my character.

Other character names have been past family members, friends, villains are portrayed with the name of people that I consider not so nice. You get the idea. Do you have a creative way of naming your characters?

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