Is It Considered Cheating…

I like social experiments. Try this one on for size. I’m going to list of number of scenarios here. Is it cheating or not? Tell me why or why not.

Scenario 1:

Jennifer and Adam used to be an item, back in the day. Today, Jennifer is single and Adam is married but they’re still friends. Adam calls two or three times a month. Whenever he calls, he reflects about days gone by and how good the sex was. Technically, is he cheating?

Scenario 2:

Monica is involved in a relationship but she has been friends with Sam for years. Her significant other is suspicious of Sam. Although Sam does consider Monica his friend, he would love to be more than friends. Sam often makes sexual comments about what he would do to her if she gave him the chance. She tells Sam to stop but never takes a firm stance on it. Is she cheating?

Scenario 3

Stephanie and Michael enjoy a roll in the hay whenever she’s in town. She lives two states over. They’ve talked about her moving back or him moving there but it hasn’t happened yet. They make plans eventually for him to move to be with her in a year. If she meets someone in the meantime, is she cheating?

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  1. toasty redhead
    May 14, 2011 @ 08:13:45

    Wow,, That is awesome!!


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