Remember When…

Do you remember when the term “online dating” was a precursor to a joke?

Twenty-plus years after the Internet revolution, the term “online dating” has become common place. Your average single woman or man has at least 3 or more active profiles on dating sites or Internet communities. To tell you the truth, and I’m sure I’m not in this boat by my lonesome, I can’t remember all the dating profile sites I’m registered to, much less the passwords.

Who has the time or patience to keep all that stuff straight?

Remember when there was such a thing as a blind date? Or how about when you dated online meant you had to be hard up? Times have definitely changed.

I have actually been appalled, flabbergasted, and down right offended I tell you at some of the questions you get asked online. I have gotten the following questions:

  • Can you take a picture of your feet and send it to me?
  • How are you going to prove that you’re a woman?
  • Is that you’re real hair or a horses mane you bought?
  • Do you kiss on the first date? If you don’t, there ain’t no need in us going out.
  • A movie ain’t a cheap date no more. So we’re going Dutch right?

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