Moderation Is Key!

The internet is a curse of knowledge as well as a well that runs deep. It’s like this…everybody has an opinion. Some of what you read is based on experience, professional or personal. I have always valued experience over theory, personally speaking.

Most of what you read, what you’re told, what you may be coached to do, is to partake in social media. “Social media” is a wide, varied, and vast pool of sites whether they be Twitter, FaceBook, or Linkedin. Did you know that there is more to social media than just the most popular right now. Just like any material product you could go to the store and pick up today, it started somewhere. It was once a person’s brain child. Just an idea. That person may or may not have had a clue about brand, marketing, message, quality, etc. Most people however know just from a consumer standpoint, that they want to produce quality because that is what they would expect to buy.

Do you read? Not the occasional blog but a book with a beginning, middle and end. Time and time again, it has been proven, readers make the best writers. OK…. so hopefully you do. Wasn’t it G.I. Joe that said, “Knowledge is half the battle…?” (Yes, I still watch cartoons and yes I know… I just dated myself.)

Anyway, so you’re writing the story. Yeah, I mean that you take your writers hat and you flip it around so you’re wearing it backwards with the bill to the back and you put on your marketing hat, while you’re still writing. And you know what you do? You do the same thing that you were doing online before you chose to take on writing a book. Put simply, that’s it.

Now you’re going to do things like blog. How to and what to say… we’ll save that for later. Believe me, I’m still figuring this out as I go along too. I’m no expert. Then you do things like establish accounts on Twitter and Facebook, and Linkedin; all under your author name. Oh and then you friend other authors, agents, and publishers. I have to say, its been a long time, since I was a kid, that I felt a sense of community about anything. My fellow writers whether they be aspiring or major welcomed me and made me feel right at home.

Then you make a schedule. Schedule yourself to have a social media day two times out of the week. On those days, maybe you schedule yourself to dedicate half an hour to Facebook, and then to Twitter, and so on. Maybe on a typical night or day, whatever your availability, you set aside four hours to work online… which includes your blog. Now you have a regular presence online. If you can set it up… do that. Schedule in time to work on the product (the story), time to socialize online (build your fan base), then schedule in time to eat, sleep, shower, and brush your teeth. See…you’re all good!

What have your experiences been like?

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